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Sub commendant Marcos hosting the conference ‘’Planeta tierra, movimientos antisistémicos’’ (Planet Earth: anti-system mouvements) in San Cristobal De Las Casas. Mexico. 13 – 17 december 2007

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Photos and texte:    Philippe Ruel


Sub commendent Marcos, San cristobal de las casas 13 december 2007Over the years, the zapatista mouvement has show not only he can make war and resist to the Mexicain Army in the jungle, but also organise many peaceful events and conferences like this one in Sancristobal de las casas. For 5 days, thinkers, philosophers, poets, historians, architects, journalists and psychologists speaks freely at the rate of two conférences a day.


The primary objective of the conference is the study and understanding of the systeme set up by the big capitalist actors of this world. Understand to denonce this system which arm terribly the least affluent in Mexico and in many others countrys throughout the world.

 Naomi Klein and one another speaker december 16 2007

Immanuel Wallerstein from  United States paints the picture of a irreversible declining American power, but whose dangerosity for the rest of the world increses. Ricardo Gebrim from Brazil speak about the theretical and pratical elements allowing to better understand the mouvement of the ‘’Without land’’ in Brazil. The british poet Jonh Berger makes vibrate then assistance by the reading of a tale militant on Palestine. Naomie Klen from Canada explains why Iraq is at the same time a military defeat and a stock exchange victory. Because the insecurity on a worldwide scale benefits new technologie from protection and monitoring.


Crowd listening to the Sub commendent Marcos reading a statement.


In conclusion, what is coming out from this conference organized by the Zapatista movement of Mexico, by the contrahistoria review and by the University of San cristobal de las casas, it is that the change can be imposed neither from the top, nor from outside. The man and women who suffer can speak and knows theirs problems well. It is necessary for us to listen.


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